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Our Story

Meet Gabby Ramia - loving daughter, bright student, and fun-loving friend. She’s also the 7-year-old mastermind behind Chin'M, an innovative new app that recently hit the App Store. Like many seven year olds, Gabby enjoys making chin monsters. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, creating a chin monster entails drawing eyes on your chin and turning your head upside down, thus creating a “monster” out of your chin. It can provide hours of entertainment, and never quite stops being funny, no matter what age you are. Gabby took great pleasure in using her mother’s iPhone to create chin monster videos and share them with her friends, family, baby sitter, teachers, and many others. Her videos always brought smiles and laughter to those who viewed them, and her recipients began to look forward to getting a new chin monster video from Gabby.

Inspired by the joy her videos were bringing, Gabby wanted more people to have a fun and easy way to create and share chin monster videos. She realized her father, as a software engineer, probably had some connections to help make this happen. So, she asked him if he could help develop an app to make chin monsters. Gabby’s dad loved the idea, but told her that he wouldn’t be able to do it alone, and it would cost money to hire people to help him. Gabby generously offered to donate 1/3 of her piggy bank to fund the cause. And so Chin'M was born.

Gabby and her dad worked together to create a flow for the app that would allow the user to design the most creative chin monsters the world had ever seen. The process begins with the user recording a short video (max 6 seconds) of his or her mouth and chin while saying something. The app then flips the video to set up the chin monster. This is where the real fun begins. The user can select from a variety of decorations to design the monster. They can choose colorful borders, crazy hairstyles, googly eyes, and even funny moustaches. After previewing their video with the decorations, the user can edit and make changes as many times as they want until they’ve crafted a monster that’s ready to be sent. Once they’re satisfied, they can save the monster to thier local gallery, share it via social media, or send it to their friends and family directly via multimedia SMS.

After agreeing on this flow, Gabby and her dad brought the idea to a professional designer who carefully crafted the initial sketches:

These sketches eventually evolved into a grayscale design:

Next, a color scheme was added:

And finally, the design was complete, and development of the app was underway. The designer continued working on developing a variety of facial decorations to ensure the users would have the best selection to choose from. After months of hard work, the final product was launched:

Within the first week, ChinM was downloaded hundreds of times! It received 12 ratings, all of which were 5 stars. One user raved, “My whole family loved this app and thought it was hilarious.” Another reviewer excitedly claimed, “My kids love it! They can’t stop laughing!” It was quickly selected to the Facebook 'Start' program, whereby Facebook agreed to contribute advertising credits and other freebies to get the app off the ground. ChinM now has thousands of happy users and it's popularity keeps growing every day.

Gabby continues to check in on the success of her app, asking her dad every day what the download counts and average ratings are. She continues to make plans for expanding the app - her most recent idea is the “Princess Pack”, an expansion pack for the decorations that will allow the user to make a 'princess' chin monster. And her ultimate goal? Over 1 million downloads and a spot on Ellen! Help this little girl achieve her big drea — download Chin'M today!

Creators - Roger and Gabby Ramia
Designer - Reony Tonneyck, dribbble
Developer - John Braun